Terms and Conditions

  1. Siblings of a family who already have a child at the club will be given priority where necessary.
  2. While we are delighted to take children on both a part time and a full time basis, children requiring full time places will be given priority should the club be very close to capacity.
  3. A deposit, which is fully refundable against 1st month’s invoice, will be required from parents who enrol their child for a place at one of our clubs. However, if the place is not then taken up, this deposit will not be returned.
  4. There is a minimum notice period for cancellations or reductions of sessions. This is four weeks for most of our services, but please ask the manager of your service to confirm.
  5. We would advise parents to make holiday, in-service day, and polling and public holiday bookings in advance to avoid disappointment. In-service and polling days may vary between schools and therefore places are subject to availability and on first come first served basis. Customers may be asked to pay a deposit to secure these places where demand is high.
  6. Strikes and other emergency days (where schools are closed unexpectedly) will be covered where possible. Please contact Kidzcare who will do everything possible to arrange care for your child/ren at short notice. Places may be limited due to staff availability.
  7. All of our after school clubs will be opened from end of school until 6pm except where local circumstances cannot allow this. Where there is an exception, opening hours will be found in the location page on the web-site.
  8. During all annual, in-service, polling and public holidays, Kidzcare will be open from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Again, where this is not possible due to local circumstances, information can be found under specific location page on the web site.
  9. Breakfast clubs are open Monday-Friday, during term-time, from 7.45am. Children should be dropped off at the clubs in reasonable time to allow them to have breakfast, if required, and for staff to escort them to school.
  10. We would require all parents who enroll their child with Kidzcare to read the parent information booklet so that they fully understand how we operate. All parents will be asked to sign the enrolment form before their child starts with us confirming that they have read and understood Kidzcare’s terms and conditions.
  11. Where a child has been booked in and is then subsequently absent, no refund can be made.
  12. Where applicable, deductions for full time customers will be made in advance for each full week’s school holiday during the calendar month. No deduction is made for individual public or in-service days because of the discounts already offered to full time customers which mean that full-time monthly fees represent very good value for parents who need this level of care.
  13. Part time customers will only be charged for those days where the schools will be opened during the forthcoming month. If they do wish to take advantage of our services during in service or public holidays, they would be charged the current daily holiday rate for those days.