A Typical Day in the Nursery

Each morning you and your children will be greeted by our staff. The day then begins in the snack room, where your child will be served toast with a choice of various toppings or cereal. The snack room is then left open to encourage the children to settle in and eat their snack at their own pace.

Outdoor learning is a large part of our development plan which we implement by getting the children out at least once a day. We have climbing frames, balls, bikes and scooters for the children to choose from and run a number of structured garden games and parachute games. There is a separate garden for the Babies and Beanies with smaller climbing frames and swings for them to enjoy.

On top of our day to day activities, the nursery provides a range of extra curriculum classes for a separate cost. These include baby ballet (Norwood House), music classes, sparkle arts and yoga.

In Pre-School we follow the Curriculum for Excellence which covers topics from our weekly planning. We try to involve the children as much as possible in planning the activities to make them feel involved in the whole process. In the younger rooms they all follow Birth to Three Curriculum which includes a wide range of activities such as painting, gluing, dancing, singing, sand and water play.

The nurseries cover all celebrations and festivals during the year to create a feeling of a wider community. We also ask parents who are interested to come into the nursery to take part in activities with the children, such as baking, art activities or to join us on a trip out. This is a great chance for parents to see more of the nursery and how their child spends the day.

Both children and staff agree that Norwood House and Grange Loan are very warm, fun and happy places to be.