I feel that i can highly recommend the nursery...My daughter loves going, and seems confident and comfortable in her environment. Quote from parent
Everyone was friendly and cheerful, even at ridiculously early hours of the morning! Quote from parent
Staff are very good at developing activities/skills that are being encouraged at home and building on them further at nursery Quote from parent
The best bit about school is after school club Quote from a Kidzcare child
Very happy with Kidzcare and more importantly so are my kids!! Well done! Quote from parent
The staff appear to have boundless energy Quote from parent
I have such a happy boy when he comes home Quote from parent
We have all benefited enormously as a family from the effort and inspiration which has gone into the playscheme Quote from parent
There are loads of people to play with and loads of games that are good Quote from Kidzcare child
Great flexibility and reliability... You make the life of two working parents possible! Quote from parent
You are a superb organization. I have total peace of mind while my children are with you. The happiness of the children is very important Quote from parent
The staff rapport and enthusiasm for the children is excellent... it just seems like a nice place for the children to be! Quote from parent