Our Values


This includes the fundamental safety of the children in our care and of the staff who work for us. We ensure that we are compliant with all legislative requirements for child safety by implementing appropriate club rules and procedures which are regularly reviewed and improved if required at regular staff & parent meetings. We also seek out opportunities for the training and education of our staff where this training will provide better protection for the children and staff, for example First Aid training or SVQ qualifications.


Our children and the parents of those children are all considered to be the customers of our services. This means that we consider ourselves to be a success when we can see that our children have fun when they are with us, and also when our parents feel as though we provide good value and increased flexibility in their daily routines.


We are as concerned about the development of our staff as we are about the personal growth of the children in our care; our view is that our people are crucial to the success of Kidzcare. We have a formal review process for our full time staff which enables us to identify, in a collaborative environment, joint aspirations for the individual’s personal development and contribution to Kidzcare.

For our children, we endeavor to complement the aims and goals of their educational and familial aspirations in a fun, caring and supportive environment. We actively encourage feedback from parents at any time because we are always keen to improve and adapt our offerings to their children.


At Kidzcare we adopt the same policy to all our customers, children and our staff team. This is one of fairness. We believe in treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves. Respect for others is key to this policy. As a member of our team you will be treated from the same level playing field as all our staff and we will be open and honest about your performance, as we expect you to be open and honest with us.