Changes to Company's structure

Exciting new changes that will improve communication and efficiency of the Kidzcare office team. We are
separating the ‘finance and facilities’ side of the company from the
‘childcare’ side. Hannah Kay will be responsible
for the childcare side and her new title is ‘Director of Childcare’. Lorraine Gillespie (our current accountant)
is coming to Kidzcare on a permanent basis to manage the finance and
facilities. She will be ‘Director of Finance’.
Annemarie will be the ‘Managing Director’.
Magda will be ‘Finance and Facilities
reporting directly to Lorraine. Julie is getting promotion and
will step up to be my right hand woman as ‘HR
and Childcare Support Manager.’
She will continue doing her wonderful work
supporting you all as Kidzcare staff and helping me to help you run the clubs.
Julie will have an Admin Assistant,
yet to be recruited, who will take over her role of day to day staffing and
other office duties. Lorraine will have an ‘Accounts Assistant’;
Ruth who is already based in the office three days a week. We are very excited about this new
set-up and we hope soon everyone will notice the benefits of these changes.